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46 weeks 4 days ago
A common SIPPS question is: Where do the sight words come from?SIPPS BeginningThe sight words in SIPPS Beginning Level were carefully selected from the 1,000 most frequent words in school material compiled by Carroll, Davies, and Richman (American Heritage Word Frequency Book, 1971). Beginning Level sight words include both irregularly spelled words and very high-frequency regularly spelled words...
47 weeks 2 days ago
Facilitating choral student responses throughout all aspects of a SIPPS lesson is critical to student success. Sounds easy enough, right? While it is easy to say, if you are like me, perhaps you have encountered some difficulties in generating choral responses. Before sharing some tips, let’s take a moment to consider the rationale for choral responses.The SIPPS instructional routines are...
47 weeks 4 days ago
I was debriefing an observation with one of our instructional coaches yesterday. We were talking about how to help a teacher begin a Writing Workshop in her classroom. Our challenge was around determining the most important piece of a writing workshop—especially for our novice teachers. Where do you start? Is it the record keeping? Is it the conferring? In our coaching conversation, we... (1)
48 weeks 2 days ago
I am fortunate to have educators who have mentored and pushed my thinking throughout my career. Enrique Puig is one such educator (and friend). Recently I read an article he wrote about text dependent questioning. As usual, his word choices forced me to reread for clarity, his point of view made me ponder my own belief about the topic, and his nudge reminded me to consider where I may be able to... (3)
48 weeks 3 days ago
Learning is a social task. Lev Vygotsky argued that Language is the main tool that promotes thinking, develops reasoning, and supports cultural activities like reading and writing. As a result, instructional strategies that promote literacy across the curriculum play a significant role in knowledge construction.Why not take the children’s love for social interaction and talking to each...
49 weeks 2 days ago
By Diane Harding, Isabel McLean, and Laura ShifflettGoogle. We have all heard of it. We know how to get to Google to search on the web for answers to our questions. Many of us also go to Google to access our e-mail or gmail account. Sometimes we just go to Google to look at the cool artwork of the day. As teachers, some of us are using Google as part of our classroom instruction. We have delved...
50 weeks 4 days ago
In earlier posts, I shared some ideas about organizing general lesson resources in student folders and ideas for using the general guided spelling page during daily lessons, but what about ideas for organizing lesson-specific pages?I like to print the lesson-specific resources prior to the week that I anticipate using them. I place these printed resources into sheet protectors and then organize... (5)
1 year 6 days ago
from Sue Wilder
Big changes in our educational practice always seems to be messy. In my experience, innovations that defy our old ways of doing things create conflict, confusion, and push-back that is hard to ignore. It’s no wonder that so many of us are struggling with the implementation of the CCSS. They aren’t benchmarks or lists of skills to be referenced in our plan books. You can’t have... (1)
1 year 1 week ago
The SIPPS 3rd edition* includes so many wonderful print resources to support the teaching of daily lessons. These resources are housed on the DSC Learning Hub where they are sorted into general lesson resources and lesson specific resources. Some of the general resources include sight word dictionary pages, family letters, sound-spelling cards, mastery tests and the guided spelling page.Another... (1)
1 year 3 weeks ago
When I began teaching SIPPS lessons more than four years ago, I quickly realized that I needed a system to organize student materials. I tried several different systems and finally landed on the use of individual student folders. I invested in plastic folders since they are more durable and can be used from year to year. So what goes in these student folders?In the middle brads, I place printable... (1)
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