Acronyms and Abbreviations

When reviewing the standards in content, they are displayed according to the program, unit, week and day. For example (Being a Reader, Handwriting BR HW 1.02) Grade 1; Week 2, Day 0: Handwriting

Making Meaning

TM: Teacher’s Manual
VTG: Vocabulary Teaching Guide
RAPG: Reading Assessment Preparation Guide
OR: Ongoing Review
ML: Mini-lesson
TML: Technology Mini-lesson

Being a Writer

TM: Teacher’s Manual
SPTG: Skill Practice Teaching Guide
WPTPG: Writing Performance Task Preparation Guide
OD: Open Day
TML: Technology Mini-lesson

Being a Reader

HW: Handwriting
SR: Shared Reading (grades K–1)
SGR: Small-group Reading
WS: Word Study (grade 2)
IW: Independent Work