We have provided materials to support your implementation of AfterSchool KidzLit. For each book, leaders have a Guide that outlines the five-part process for conducting the story-related activities. In addition, the Quick Tips Plus booklet offers leaders additional ideas and support for planning and implementing the program.

Professional development is not required but it is strongly recommended. We believe (and preliminary data show) that your program will be most successful if leaders are trained to use the materials. A variety of assessment tools can help leaders and project directors determine the impact of the AfterSchool KidzLit program at their site.

The AfterSchool KidzLit program, developed through years of real-world testing with partner organizations, is tailored to the unique needs of after-school and summer programs, which include:

  • The increasing importance of academic enrichment in out-of-school time
  • Leaders who may need support
  • Participants who want to have fun
  • The importance of community-building

The following aspects of the program particularly support English Language Learners:

  • An emphasis on building children’s vocabulary and background knowledge
  • Opportunities to read widely and engage in critical discussions of the reading material
  • A focus on enjoying the reading rather than being intimidated by it

We recommend using the program two or three times per week in the following ways:

  • Plan session lengths (30 to 90 minutes) based on the age of the children and how involved they get.
  • If possible, use a quiet space for the reading and talking parts of the program.