Assessment Tools

Children these days have to undergo quite a bit of testing during the school day. Though we recognize the value of assessment results and how they can better address the needs of children—in and after school—we didn't want to create more of the same in-school tests for our AfterSchool KidzMath program. Instead, we developed assessments that are a fun way to gauge:

  • Kids’ math skills
  • How kids feel about working with others
  • If kids are progressing or need more time with certain math skills

Note that we do not recommend assessing children before grade 1.

The AfterSchool KidzMath program has three goals for children:

  • Increase their enjoyment of mathematics
  • Increase their mathematical understanding and skill
  • Increase their ability to work with others

To help you identify how your children are doing in relation to these goals, we have developed two types of assessments: a Math Skills Assessment to measure children’s math skills and an AfterSchool KidzMath Questionnaire to measure how they feel about math and working with others.

When to Use the Math Skills Assessment

This assessment was designed for flexible use. You can use the assessment games from each content area at any given time to determine a child’s status so you can focus on what a child needs the most. You can also use the assessment as a pre- and posttest by administering it at the beginning of the year, scoring it, then administering it again at the end of the year and comparing the scores. Or you can use it just as an informal way to check in on your kids’ skills in order to know what games you want to play next or play again.

When to Use the KidzMath Questionnaire

The AfterSchool KidzMath Questionnaire is intended to give you an idea of how your kids feel about math. It is a good tool to use at any time during the year. If you want a record of how your children’s attitudes have changed, you may want to give the questionnaire at the beginning, middle, and end of the year. You can also find this questionnaire in the appendix section of your Leader’s Guide.

Where to Find the Assessments

Both types of assessments are included in grade-range (1–3 or 3–6) assessment packets. You can download them here: