Voices from the Field

The AfterSchool KidzMath program is currently being implemented in more than 700 sites, serving over 20,000 children.

Here’s what people are saying:

The Right Balance of Fun and Learning

The involvement of children during the development of the AfterSchool KidzMath materials has resulted in the right balance of fun and learning for our programs.

Carter Savage, vice president, Youth Development Services,
Boys and Girls Clubs of America

At first I thought it would be boring, just a big book with questions because it is math, but it is more fun. The learning is more fun. It’s not like the book in school.

AfterSchool KidzMath participant

Reinforcing Skills the Right Way

AfterSchool KidzMath has helped us strengthen our curriculum in the after-school program and enhance our credibility with school districts. We are reinforcing children’s math skills in a way that is fun and tailored specifically to the after-school program. With the games and literacy component, it’s a great way to teach the whole child and reinforce our core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

Lisa Muntz, senior vice president, Children & Family Services,
YMCA of Greater Kansas City, KS

Regular games they play for trophies, but with KidzMath you play for fun and actually learn something from it.

AfterSchool KidzMath participant

Children Get the Math

What is wonderful about AfterSchool KidzMath is that it proves that if we create an experience that is fun and involves a complex [set] of skills, the children get the math.

Kyle Ahrold, director, PS 87 Afterschool Program, New York City, NY

KidzMath gets your math skills up. My grades are better because I kept doing KidzMath.

AfterSchool KidzMath participant

Reinforcing Math Concepts Through Games

We love AfterSchool KidzMath because the kids are now comprehending more about what they’re learning in school. They might not get a concept when a teacher is standing at the board, but when we see how it fits into a game, and they’re working in small groups, they get it.

Hazel Lewis, program director of childcare
Linwood YMCA, MO

When we are playing there is no rush, we can finish the game next time and in school they time you, so you do the simple ones first then tackle the hard ones—here we just do it.

AfterSchool KidzMath participant

Showing Math in Different Ways

When our fourth-graders were having trouble with multiplication, we tried Multiplication Basketball. They were really into the physical aspect of it, and they learned a lot. The different ways we can show them how to do math, the more they do, and the more they learn.

Brandon Lee, afterschool teacher, Stonestown YMCA, San Francisco. CA

I like the game with the squares because when you roll the dice and it’s 6x6, if you don’t know you can count the squares.

AfterSchool KidzMath participant