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The AfterSchool KidzScience program for grades 3–5 is designed specifically for out-of-school settings. This inquiry-based science program offers 15 kits:

Engaging Activities

Each kit includes instructions and materials for four sessions—each building upon one another, though they can also stand alone to accommodate flexible attendance. The sessions are engaging and easy to lead. They've been created to:

  • Excite children about science
  • Build science knowledge and inquiry ability
  • Help children learn important cooperation and teamwork skills

Leaders don’t need a background in science to lead the sessions effectively and only need minimal time for preparation and cleanup.

A Unique Partnership for After School

AfterSchool KidzScience was developed in close collaboration with DSC by The Lawrence Hall of Science, the same organization that brought you GEMS. This unique partnership brings together the deep expertise in effective, inquiry-based science education from The Hall and DSC's experience in developing and publishing after-school and in-school programs that promote children’s academic, ethical, and social development. AfterSchool KidzScience was highlighted as "an exemplary program that sets new benchmarks for innovation in integrating STEM disciplines" when The Hall received the STEM Innovation Award in 2014.

New Sunlight Science Kit Now Available!

In the Sunlight Science kit, children discover visible and invisible parts of sunlight by doing investigations right outside their door. Through engaging group activities, they detect infrared light, see the rainbow of colors that makes up visible light, and detect ultraviolet (UV) light using UV-sensitive paper and "UV beads." Children also learn that we can protect ourselves from the harmful effects of too much of the Sun’s ultraviolet light and they investigate which materials offer the best protection. Read more about this new kit here.

Developed with support from

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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