Life Science Kits

Each life science kit focuses on one or two concepts about living things and the natural world that are important for children to understand and fun for both leaders and children to explore through hands-on, cooperative activities.

The kits include:

Beach Science Kit  By sorting beach objects and studying sand grains from different beaches, children learn how Earth’s surface changes over time and how these changes can be caused by natural forces or influenced by human behavior.

Colors in Nature Kit  Children learn about how plants’ and animals’ colors can help them survive. Children explore camouflage, warning colors, mimicry, and attracting colors through pictures and craft activities.

Exploring Habitats Kit  Children explore the habitat right outside their door and discover the animals that live there.

Predators and Prey Kit  Through games and exploration, children discover some surprising connections between predators and prey in their natural habitats.

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Refill kits are also available.

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