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36 weeks 3 days ago
Early writing develops on a foundation of oral language, drawing, and phonics instruction. As students become familiar with concepts of print, they begin to understand that marks on a page communicate meaning. They start to draw pictures, write symbols, and eventually...
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37 weeks 6 days ago
The Skill Practice Teaching Guide, along with the accompanying Student Skill Practice Book, provides coverage of grade-level Common Core State Standards for language. It includes 30 mini-lessons in grammar, usage, and mechanics skills that can be used to supplement the...
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51 weeks 4 days ago
from Susan Hult
We are pleased to announce a new webinar series coming in early 2017 to help educators using CCC Collaborative Literacy make the most of the assessments embedded in the programs. Whether you are using one or multiple Collaborative Literacy programs, the ...
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1 year 7 weeks ago
In Part 1 of this blog, we offered planning and pacing suggestions for K–2 teachers who are implementing the Being a Writer program. Here, we provide pacing guidelines for the teachers of grades 3–6. We first share general information related to the...
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1 year 7 weeks ago
When my school decided to adopt CCC's (then DSC’s) Making Meaning, Making Meaning Vocabulary, Being a Writer, and SIPPS programs (as well as a new math curriculum) all in the same school year, the elementary faculty was more than just a little... (3)
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1 year 8 weeks ago
Teachers implementing the Being a Writer curriculum often ask for a recommended order of instruction across the year and wonder how flexibly the program can be used. In this first post, we offer some planning and pacing suggestions to ensure writers in grades K–2... (1)
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1 year 9 weeks ago
During their educational careers, students are exposed to many wonderful picture books. Along with interacting with the text itself, students also learn about the authors behind those picture books. Although it is very interesting to learn about the lives and interests...
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1 year 11 weeks ago
As teachers and students around the country ease their way back into the start of another school year, many will be embarking on a reading and writing journey guided by Collaborative Literacy programs: Making Meaning, Being a Reader, and Being a Writer. Teachers will... (1)
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1 year 12 weeks ago
It has been said that if nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies; also, progress is not possible without change. So if this is true, why is it so hard to get teachers to change? In a day and age of high stakes testing and ever increasing accountability,... (3)
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1 year 34 weeks ago
For the past two decades I have been traveling around the country bringing the core mission, values, and programs of our organization—what was Developmental Studies Center and is now Center for the Collaborative Classroom—to schools. In that time, my...