Language Skills, Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics

Being a Writer Student Skill Practice Book

Language skills, grammar, usage, and mechanics resources align with instruction in the Being a Writer program and are introduced at relevant points in the writing process. Teachers are supported with mini-lessons in the Teacher’s Manual at the point of use, and in the Skill Practice Teaching Guide. Students are provided with opportunities to practice and assess what they have learned using the Student Skill Practice Book.

Because students’ motivation to learn the conventions of written English grows out of their desire to communicate clearly with their readers in their published pieces, the skill instruction occurs mostly in the revision and proofreading phases of the writing process. Different skills and conventions are taught, as appropriate, in each genre unit.

Prepared Mini-lessons for Extra Skill Work

The Skill Practice Teaching Guide supports teachers with 30 lessons, complete coverage of grade-level Common Core language skills, and interactive whiteboard activities for each lesson. The Student Skill Practice Book includes a student handbook of definitions and examples, language skills diagnostic tasks keyed to lesson instruction and aligned with the Common Core, and three practice pages per skill, including one scorable page for ongoing assessment.

Mini-lessons can be used to reinforce skills taught in the core program. They also can be used to teach or review additional skills required by your district or taught in prior years. They include the practice of grammar and usage, and punctuation and capitalization.

Meeting the Common Core State Standards

The Being a Writer program helps students meet the Common Core State Standards by engaging students in units of study that include the writing genres of Opinion/Argument, Informative/Explanatory, and Narrative. These units appear in grades K–5 and increase in complexity across the grades.