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Thinking about Lesson Study

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Last week, my colleagues and I began our work with lesson-study facilitators in Orange County and Leon County, Florida. We had a fantastic time helping folks think about how to launch lesson study in their schools. As a part of the workshop, each participant received one of our Lesson Study Support Kits to help them get started.

If you were there and have some questions as you get started, please feel free to post them below. We will be sure to help you through any issues you struggle with. You can also become a fan of lesson study on Facebook. For those of you Facebookers out there, if you “like” lesson study you will get lots of updates from people engaged in lesson studies across the country. It is a great resource.

One of the things teams struggle with as they get started is deciding which lessons to start planning with. New lesson-study teams often operate under the misconception that they need to write a lesson from scratch. They use their valuable planning time to write curriculum instead of studying it. We suggest that teams start with a good lesson that has already been created. It is often one from the programs you are already using in your classrooms. Our lesson-study support kits contain lessons that were specifically tailored to fit with your teams first attempt at lesson study. We have lessons in reading, writing, and math from grades K–12.

As our work continues to develop we will share what we are learning. As you all begin working on your lesson-study projects I will be anxious to hear how it is going.

Peter Brunn is the vice president of organizational learning and communications at Center for the Collaborative Classroom (CCC). Previously at CCC, he was the director of professional development, director of staff development, the assistant director of CCC’s Reading Project, and a staff developer. Before coming to CCC, Peter was a staff developer for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and worked in New York City public schools helping teachers implement reading and writing workshops in their classrooms. Peter received his master’s degree in curriculum and teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University, and his undergraduate degree in history from Marquette University. Peter is also the author of The Lesson Planning Handbook: Essential Strategies That Inspire Student Thinking and Learning, published by Scholastic. Follow Peter on Twitter at @pdbrunn.

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