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Five Great Recent Education Blogs

In my work here at DSC, I get the opportunity to read a lot of educational blogs. Here are some I’ve found recently that I think are worth a second read:

Authentic Assessment

Approaches to assessment have received a lot of attention lately. Edutopia’s Schools That Work looked at authentic assessment at New York’s School of The Future and using meaningful tasks to measure progress.

Also, ten tips on getting started with Authentic Assessment:

Why Great Teachers Quit

The Education Policy Blog reviews a new book by Katy Farber on why some great, enthusiastic teachers leave the profession too soon. Not surprisingly, she finds high-stakes testing is a significant part of the problem.

Speaking of pressure on teachers: Diane Ravitch has a piece on CNN that attempts to explain some of the rage being expressed in Wisconsin right now:

Chinese Mothers and Computer Geeks

And, close to my admittedly geeky heart, the developer of Gmail responds to the Wall Street Journal’s controversial Chinese Mother article with some great thoughts on intrinsic motivation.

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Two great ones just from

Two great ones just from today! Diane Ravitch on the Ed Week Bridging Differences blog:

And Gary Stager guesting on Huffington Post's Education (Diane Ravitch would love it!):

Bridging Differences, an ongoing conversation between Diane Ravitch and Deborah Meier, and the Huff Post education blog are great ones to read on a regular basis.

Any other Blogs-to-Follow recommendations?