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Making Meaning: A Second Grader's Perspective

My colleague Ann shares some of her experiences working with Making Meaning in her second grade class. Thank you, Ann, for sharing the voices of the students!


The Making Meaning program brought my class to a place where they could feel safe in expressing their thoughts and ideas, without fear of being made fun of or fearing a “wrong” answer. The kids embraced each other’s ideas and, in doing so, many times had a different slant on the meaning of the story being presented. I would hear, “I didn’t think of that” or “But, if this happens, then maybe___ will happen too.”

Below is from the last Making Meaning assignment: What I liked about our reading community…

These are unedited writings (some spelling corrected, for your reading ease) from my second graders.

I liked how you read and we write the answer. It was helpful a lot. I couldn’t read that good.


What I like about reading is when we did the reading challenge. I liked it because it helps me read better. I also like Making Meaning. The thing I like was when Mrs. S read to us and saids, ’Turn to your partner.’ And we talk about what she tells us.


I liked the reading contest because it helps me read batter than I used to. And chapter books have words that I do not know and it is helpful. And I loved very, very, very, very much Making Meaning and I loved discussing it with my partner.


I love Making Meaning. It is helpful. I like the most is talking about the story. I like when my teacher says “Turn to your partner.”


I like Making Meaning because it is help full to me and helps me learn something because it has verbs, nouns, adjectives.


I liked in Making Meaning when you would read us a story and then ask us a question then we would answer the question you would ask us. Then you would want us to talk to the person next to us.


I think it is very helpful. It helps me predict and makes me understand hoe to read and tell comprehension.


It help me to read ant it teach me stuff. I didn’t know about. Snails and panda in danger and how to save pandas.


I like when Mrs. S had us sit on the floor and read to us and says, “turn to your partner” and discuss what she said.


I like the way you read to us. I like when my class gets in group for Making Meaning is my favorite. I get some answers my class help me with a word.


As you and your students reflect on the year, please share what was liked most about the reading community!

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