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SIPPS Plus with Adult Language Learners

Strengthening the home-school connection is a vital aspect of planning at my school. With the highest ELL population in our county, the parents are willing to participate in…

Apr 19, 2021  |  By Robin Pfeiffer
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Living SEL: Why it matters

Here at Collaborative Classroom, we seek to forge connections with educators and leaders who believe in collaboration and lifelong learning. We are fortunate to be partnering with several…

Apr 25, 2018  |  By Kristy Rauch
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The Wise Leader (Part 2)

Last month I shared some ideas from my new book (coauthored with Stephen Sokolow) called The Wise Leader: Doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons. This month…

Mar 24, 2014  |  By Paul Houston
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The Wise Leader (Part 1)

Since 2008 I have served as President and Founding Partner for the Center for Empowered Leadership. The work of the center is to help leaders focus their attention…

Feb 10, 2014  |  By Paul Houston
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