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A Moral Imperative: Social and Emotional Learning

Much has been written about the divisive discourse that seems to permeate our nation today. Friends, colleagues, and even families find it difficult to have thoughtful, meaningful conversations…

Nov 28, 2018  |  By Mary Tavegia & Elizabeth English
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Title IV: How Are You Spending Your Funds to Meet Your SEL Goals?

Little Sister looked on as Mom greeted Big Brother with a hug. “How was it?” Mom asked. “Fine,” replied the child, who proudly sported a new backpack. Mom…

Sep 28, 2018  |  By Emily Cremidis
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What Does Community Mean?

As I shop for school supplies with my son, I encounter other parents and children wandering from aisle to aisle, choosing pens, pencils, paper, and that perfect backpack—the…

Aug 20, 2018  |  By Christine Venturis
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Seven Ways to Get Discipline Right

In a recent post we deconstructed the term discipline and foregrounded Fred Rogers’s focus on the teaching-learning relationship that is at the core of the word, and how…

Jul 27, 2018  |  By Sarah Rosenthal
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Deconstructing Discipline

Dirty Word vs. Antidote to Apathy People often have a negative reaction to the word discipline. They point out that various institutions have often been guilty of employing “disciplinary…

Jul 13, 2018  |  By Sarah Rosenthal
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Talking social and emotional learning at the 2018 EWA National Seminar

This week, we are excited participants in the 71st Annual Educational Writers Association’s National Seminar on May 16–18 in Los Angeles. Collaborative Classroom’s own Chief Operating Officer, Dr.…

May 14, 2018
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