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SEL Essentials: Prosocial Skills: Anchors in a Storm

I recently read a quote attributed to Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch watchmaker who helped many Jews escape the Nazis during World War II: “In order to realize…

Sep 14, 2020  |  By Kristy Rauch & Peter Brunn
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Interview: Introducing Being a Reader, Second Edition

Valerie Fraser Collaborative Classroom is excited to announce the publication of Being a Reader, Second Edition, which will be available for the 2021–22 school year. With the launch…

Sep 9, 2020  |  By Valerie Fraser & Kelly Stuart
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SEL Essentials: We Need To Be Different: Supporting Students Who Are Dealing with Trauma

When I woke up on August 24, I checked Twitter like I normally do. I scrolled through my news feed and was immediately hit with the disturbing video…

Sep 3, 2020  |  By Peter Brunn & Kristy Rauch
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SEL Essentials: What Do We Prioritize? Three SEL Essentials for Beginning the Year

A few weeks ago I sat down with two of the most experienced, trusted, and thoughtful teachers I know. We meet regularly, and they always dazzle me with…

Aug 25, 2020  |  By Peter Brunn & Kristy Rauch
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SEL Essentials: Reimagining our Social and Emotional Learning Priorities

As we prepare for the 2020–21 school year, I’ve been thinking about a refrain from the children’s game hide-and-seek. After counting, the seeker calls out, “Ready or not,…

Aug 25, 2020  |  By Peter Brunn & Kristy Rauch
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Three Lessons Learned from the Pandemic about Professional Learning

Professional learning is integral to Collaborative Classroom’s mission of empowering educators, transforming the school experience, and developing students. We’re delighted to publish this blog post co-authored by Elizabeth…

Jul 29, 2020  |  By Elizabeth Foster & Judy Newhouse
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