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How Will the New ELAR TEKS Impact Future Instruction?

In my last blog post, “Reading Instruction Non-Negotiables,” I shared a list of reading non-negotiables that are paramount to effective reading instruction. As we begin the second semester…

Jan 14, 2019  |  By Tamera Slaughter
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What Does an Educative Curriculum Look Like in Practice?

In “What Is an Educative Curriculum?” (the first post in this blog series), we defined an educative curriculum. Now that we have explored the definition, let’s take a…

Jan 8, 2019  |  By Kelli Cedo & Isabel Sawyer
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Teacher Spotlight

Collaborative Classroom is honored to spotlight first grade teacher Sandy Cebollero from Sherwood Forest Elementary School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for our January Teacher Spotlight. How long have…

Jan 2, 2019  |  By Keri Bartholomew
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What Is an Educative Curriculum?

Here at Collaborative Classroom, we talk a lot about curriculum that is designed not only to support student learning but also to teach teachers and improve their practice.…

Dec 15, 2018  |  By Isabel Sawyer
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A Moral Imperative: Social and Emotional Learning

Much has been written about the divisive discourse that seems to permeate our nation today. Friends, colleagues, and even families find it difficult to have thoughtful, meaningful conversations…

Nov 28, 2018  |  By Mary Tavegia & Elizabeth English
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Is There a Right Way to Teach Reading?

Emily Hanford’s opinion piece “Why Are We Still Teaching Reading the Wrong Way?” (New York Times, October 26, 2018) succeeded in once again raising the issue that our…

Nov 28, 2018  |  By Valerie Fraser
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