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Announcing a Collaborative Literacy Assessment Webinar Series: Learning What Works from the Field

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We are pleased to announce a new webinar series coming in early 2017 to help educators using CCC Collaborative Literacy make the most of the assessments embedded in the programs. Whether you are using one or multiple Collaborative Literacy programs, the assessments are designed to help you make informed decisions about instruction as you teach and to allow you to track your students’ academic growth and social development over the course of the year. In this webinar series, we’ll hear from educators in the field who have successfully integrated the assessments into their day.

In this series, we’ll offer the following topics:

January 17
Grades K-2: Being a Reader Mastery Tests and Group Progress Assessment

In this webinar, we will gain a deeper understanding of the data collected from the Mastery Tests and Group Progress Assessment in Being a Reader. What does the data tell us? What are the implications to planning and teaching? What are the implications to independent practice?

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January 19
Grades 3-6: Preparing for Statewide Assessments with Making Meaning and Being a Writer

In this webinar, we consider how Reading Assessment Preparation Guide in Making Meaning and the Writing Performance Task Preparation Guide in Being a Writer can be used as an instructional support to prepare students for statewide assessments including performance task writing and how to navigate answering different types of questions.

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February 15
Class/Group Assessment and Individual Reading/Writing Assessment

In this webinar, we will gain a deeper understanding of the data collected from the Class/Group Assessment and the Individual Reading/Writing Assessment. What can the data reveal and how can it shape our planning and teaching? What implications for independent practice can we glean?

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February 21
Conferences and Individual Reading Observation

In this webinar, we will dive into the data collected from reading, writing and independent work conferences along with the Individual Reading Observation. We’ll discuss what the data tells us, and how it can guide us as we plan and teach, as well as considerations for independent practice.

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You can download a PDF flyer about the entire series here.

We hope you will join us for one or more of these interactive webinars as you build your own Collaborative Classroom.