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Beach Battle: One Student’s Terrific Descriptive Fiction: Melissa Broiles, Fourth Grade, Spring 2012

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My fourth grade class’s writing is making beautiful progress! They have really embraced fiction, and have gotten really good at being descriptive. I am so proud of them! One piece in particular, written by a boy named Adam, amazes me every time I read it. He skillfully incorporated figurative language, as well as other content we learned about in our class.

Beach Battle
written by Adam M.

As far as the eye can see, you see warm golden sand almost seeming endless. It is followed alongside by the chilling cold water of the Atlantic Ocean crashing down on the sand, trying to overwhelm it. While this happens, visitors from near and far are coming to have fun. They stab sun umbrellas through the firm sand.

The beach seems like a place of fun and games because of the chilling waters and the endless grains of sand that stretch for miles. But that is not all true. It may be fun for the people who aren’t in this terrifying battle for dear life. Imagine the Civil War, two things in one place. The sand (union) fighting the ocean (confederate), even though they are practically brothers.

So now you understand the beach isn’t just for swimming in its sun-reflectant waters, or using the firm sand to build sand castles.