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Can You Help a Teacher Out?

By Isabel Sawyer | Categories: From the Field, Being a Writer, Initiatives

Matt, a grade 5 teacher in Los Angeles, has recently applied for funding for a project and his goal is to purchase a Being a Writer kit! Matt taught with the Being a Writer program for a year and then changed schools. He is desperate to use it next year in his grade 5 classroom but funding is tight. He writes that losing Being a Writer was a devastating loss.

I can imagine his pain-I tell all my colleagues that I will not go back into the classroom without Being a Writer (and the Making Meaning, Caring School Community, and Words in Action programs, etc.). In his plea for funding, he writes:

Teachers almost never like prepackaged programs but Being a Writer is different. It uses literature to unlock students’ own ideas and really builds community. In the program, the students engage in the writing process in several genres: poetry, persuasive, expository, narrative and more. The students become a community of writers. Each lesson includes high-interest picture books that connect students to real authors. The students then write about their own life experiences using the authors’ stories as models. Every day, they write in their journal and then choose their favorite pieces to publish. It is a transformative writing experience that builds the entire year.

Parents want the best for their children and similarly, teachers want the best for their students. I believe Being a Writer to be the best writing program and my students deserve it. This is not a glitzy project but it will have a deep and long-lasting impact. I will be using the program every day of the school year to develop young authors. I’m grateful for your help.

He wrote us an email and concluded it with:

I hope my project is a testament to your organization and the work you do. If you have a chance, check out my project in this link. Again, thanks for your work.

Thanks for your work, Matt. Hopefully your dream will become a reality!

Matt with his students