Expanding Minds

By Megan Green | Categories: Uncategorized

I am thrilled to announce our webinar series with some of the most influential people in education and out-of-school time. If you have not yet heard about the Expanding Minds and Opportunities compendium I encourage you to check it out and join us for what is sure to be a very informative and rewarding webinar series.

On November 19 Terry Peterson, editor of the landmark 2013 compendium Expanding Minds and Opportunities: Leveraging the Power of Afterschool and Summers for Student Success and Terri Ferinde Dunham, Partner with the Collaborative Communications Group, will present “A New Resource for Educators, Community and Afterschool Leaders and Funders: Expanding Minds and Opportunities.” Learn how to best utilize this amazing resource to advocate for new programs, enhance existing educational opportunities in your area, or improve your own practice.

We are also fortunate enough to have Gail Connelly, Executive Director of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and Gina Warner, Executive Director, National Afterschool Association, presenting “Expanding Minds: More than Just Another “To-do” on the List: The Benefits of Strong School, Principal, and After-school Community Relationships.” Discover the new ways educators from both in- and out-of-school are partnering with each other to achieve outstanding results for the children of their extended community.

Learn more or register now. Space is limited. Learn about this ground-breaking research and the implications for you and your colleagues.