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As September moves into October and the leaves begin to change colors, we know that life in your classrooms has settled into the “hum” of a new school year. You have spent time building relationships, establishing routines, and learning about your students. Now, as you dig deeper into the school year, we wanted to share some of the big things happening at Center for the Collaborative Classroom and key resources that you might find helpful. We hope you’ll take a minute to see what might be important for you.

Sortable Common Core Correlations to Collaborative Literacy

You asked, we listened! We now have correlations to the Common Core State Standards for Being a Reader, Being a Writer, and Making Meaning at grades K-5, available in the form of sortable spreadsheets (grade 6 will be available this fall). The documents can be sorted by standard, unit, week, and even day of instruction. Download the correlations here.

Inside the Collaborative Classroom: Live Q&A Forum

Do you have questions about the implementation of any of the programs in the Collaborative Literacy suite? Join us for a conversation with teachers, principals, coaches, and district administrators who are using CCC Collaborative Literacy as well as Collaborative Literacy program developers. Join us for the first of these interactive sessions on Tuesday, October 4 at 4:30 PM Eastern/1:30 PM Pacific. Register here.

Center for the Collaborative Classroom offers carefully constructed, interactive webinars and one-day institutes to support deep learning and increase classroom collaboration. To see the list of webinars and upcoming events in your area, please visit our events page.

Check Out What Makes Collaborative Literacy Unique

Educators can set up a free trial to access all of the instructional materials in CCC Collaborative LIteracy. Find out how the programs:

  • Support best practices with embedded professional development
  • Help students develop strategies for improving reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary
  • Create a classroom community where students respectfully share their thinking and take responsibility for their learning

To create a free account:

  • Go to
  • Provide the information requested; check your inbox for the verification e-mail.
  • Click on the link in the verification e-mail to activate your account and begin the profile completion process.

Grade 6 Now Available!

The wait is over! The revised editions of Being a Writer and Making Meaning for grade 6 are now available. Changes to look for in the new editions include:

  • 30 weeks of instruction
  • New read-aloud titles (including additional informational texts)
  • New and revised Writing About Reading activities in which students write in various ways to respond to texts
  • New and updated lessons that address the Common Core and other state standards
  • Access to professional development media and lesson resources via the CCC Learning Hub
  • Updated and expanded Vocabulary Teaching Guide (for Making Meaning) and Skill Practice Teaching Guide and Student Skill Practice Book (for Being a Writer)
  • Additional support for incorporating technology through tips, tutorials, mini-lessons, and extension activities
  • Expanded unit assessments
  • Preparation Guides for Reading Assessment and Writing Performance Tasks

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