How Are You Using Social Networking to Extend Your Own Learning?

By Isabel Sawyer | Categories: Uncategorized

Recently, I discovered two new-to-me social networking sites: Pinterest and Goodreads. Playing around with these tools made me curious-how do you use these sites? How do you use social networking to support your work and your learning?

Because we have been doing some professional development on learning spaces, I found some interesting information and images about how spaces might be designed to support student learning on Pinterest. On Goodreads, I have enjoyed seeing colleagues’ lists of professional books. My friend, Ann Marie, has a great list of books about teaching.

I use Facebook daily. I like Facebook for lots of reasons-getting to know my colleagues better, building more of a community, and sharing interesting articles and blogs; and keeping in touch with long lost friends. How about you?

Twitter feels different to me-much less of a social experience and more professional. I am a three-times-a-week lurker on Twitter. I scan my Twitter feed just to see what interesting articles/links my friends are posting. How about you?

Just the other night I discovered a very cool blog from a tweet-a visual depiction of iPad apps that support Dick Allington’s six elements of reading. The image is below, or you can link to it here.

Enough about my Internet habits-what sites do you find useful? How do you use them? How often do you visit? Do you lurk or are you a participant? Why?

chart of application icons