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It’s Here!

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We are thrilled to announce that our newest program, Being a Reader, is now available. There’s no other beginning reading curriculum quite like it! That’s because the program, like all the programs in the CCC Collaborative Literacy suite, gives teachers what they need to weave together academic instruction with social learning. This fusion helps to build a collaborative classroom environment that fosters students’ growth as responsible, caring, and collaborative people. The Being a Reader program integrates whole-class instruction with differentiated small-group instruction, which addresses the diverse needs of students in grades K-2.

Being a Reader’s approach to early reading is one in which whole-class, small-group, and independent work instruction are connected. Informed by research on best practices, each part of the coherent curriculum supports the others. Whole-class instruction focuses on shared reading experiences and word work. Shared reading develops students’ capacity to explore and enjoy language as they learn, while more systematic phonics instruction and word study teach the connected fundamental skills. Supportive independent work provides opportunities for students to choose their work, read at their appropriate reading levels, and develop responsible work habits. Small-group work supports students as they read increasingly complex texts.

students reading a book together

Students are taught in small groups for differentiated instruction. Small-group Reading Sets of children’s literature and level-specific Teacher’s Manuals target specific challenges in learning to read. The small-group reading books and instruction meet students where they are on the continuum of reading development. Since they address students’ needs at individual levels, student progress is accelerated. And because every classroom will have students with a unique range of abilities, flexible packaging allows teachers to add appropriate small-group reading materials that may not be included in their particular grade-level package. Program-specific assessment tools identify emerging readers’ specific decoding needs and aid in creating appropriate groups.

We’re excited to share this program with you. Read more about Being a Reader, start a free trial at the CCC Learning Hub, or contact your local Education Consultant to learn more.