Kindergarteners as Writers: Whales are Inchsding (interesting)

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Once again I am surprised at the minds of children!

Recently, I was surprised with the use of the vocabulary words we had been learning by one kindergartner. We were reviewing vocabulary words after reading the book, Planes. I read about Tara the Tiger, Vets, and Planes to my five- and six-year-olds. We had moved on from the vocabulary words pounce, wild, tame, and assist to land, depart, cargo, and flight attendant. I had written the vocabulary words on the board so they could see them, read them and/or use them if they chose to do so. There was no suggestion on my part that they use them in their writing.

A few of my kindergartners had shown an interest in learning about whales; six of them were reading a page out of a nonfiction is book titled Predators. Motivated by what they read, the kindergartners asked if they could write about what they learned. It is always such a delight to read what they write and get a glimpse into their minds. With excitement, I read their writing and was surprised by the vocabulary words one young man chose in his writing about whales. I didn’t insist or even ask the students to include our vocabulary words in their writing; that is why what Tomi wrote was so special. It was his idea, not mine. The students are always so motivated when they have choice!


I was like a very proud mother. I showed everybody on campus! At times I find myself saying too much or over-scaffolding while trying to “help” children learn. This experience reminded to celebrate daily what happens when children think for themselves and process on their own without our interference.

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