Random Thoughts from a SIPPS Teacher

The following came from Debra Goodwin, a teacher, at Goldsboro Elementary School.

After using the SIPPS program for a year, classroom teachers at our school have noticed the difference in their students’ reading. We have also noticed that the students who were in SIPPS last year, did not move backward over the summer when compared to students who were not in SIPPS.

Our teachers have discovered that the SIPPS program:

  • Is very systematic, with instruction that includes a scope and sequence that makes sense
  • Accelerates learning by ensuring students master sounds, patterns, and sight words before moving on
  • Provides lots of practice in reading and writing
  • Has explicit teaching in reading and writing inflectional endings, which is a huge piece that is not as strong in the core curriculum
  • Deepens student knowledge of reading by building skills: starting with sounds and moving to, then words, and finally into reading sentences in connected text-allowing students to see how it all works together
  • Teaches about the syllables: one vowel at the end is long, one vowel not at the end is short-so simple, and yet so powerful
  • Provides instruction that, while systematic, can still be differentiated as required, providing more scaffolding for those who need it and pulling away support for those who don’t
  • Allows students to do the work, which provides the biggest impact on teaching

What are your random thoughts about SIPPS?