Reflection! Edutopia’s 11 Habits of an Effective Teacher

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I recently ran across an Edutopia blog, 11 Habits of an Effective Teacher. The author, Carrie Lam starts her blog by stating, “I really appreciate teachers who are truly passionate about teaching.” Carrie, I completely agree.

At this time of year, I took a moment to reflect on my own learning and to appreciate all the highly effective teachers who have shaped me as an adult and educator.

Mr. Taylor, my fifth grade teacher, helped me find my place and voice in the classroom at an awkward age! Mr. Taylor spread positivity throughout the day and in all learning experiences. He doesn’t even know that he made a difference and inspired me to become a teacher.

Dr. Enrique Puig asks the hard questions, pushes my thinking and is always ready for robust discussion. What he taught me about coaching and the way he pushed me to figure out what I believe about teaching and learning cannot be measured. He continues to give 100% by sitting on my dissertation committee, as a mentor and, most importantly, as a friend. Dr. Puig is my inner voice when I engage in coaching conversations.

Beverly Perrault cannot be categorized. Bev was my principal but continues to be my mentor, mom, friend, advocate and so much more. She saw something in me that I did not know existed and gave me the priceless opportunities that allowed that “something” to flourish. I am without a doubt the educator I am today because Bev decided to get personal and stay invested.

Cindy, Tricia, Kahlin, Tamara, Gail and countless other teachers I am proud to call friends–people who stay organized, are open-minded, have standards, embrace change and create an atmosphere in which deep reflection can take place. These educators are divergent thinkers, always consider their students and are always willing to adjust their craft to meet the needs of a specific student or class. Most of all they share their enjoyment of teaching whether it is in the classroom, during continued professional learning opportunities or out on girl’s night.

Where have you found inspiration?  I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the effective teachers in your life and to show your appreciation!