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SIPPS: End-of-Year Data Collection

What a challenging school year 2020–2021 has been! We started the year by prioritizing foundational skills instruction to support students’ ability to access increasingly complex texts with accuracy and automaticity. As we wrap up the school year, we want to engage in data collection that will prioritize our SIPPS instruction going into the 2021–2022 school year.

Progress Tracking Form

Use the Progress Tracking From as a tool for collecting end-of-year information.

To learn more about the Progress Tracking Form, engage in the “How to Use the Progress Tracking Form” Teacher Learning System opportunity located on the Learning Portal (Professional Learning/Implementation Tab > Teacher Learning System chicklet > SIPPS).

To collect end-of-year data, use the form to indicate sounds and sight words that are tricky for students. The data collected will help next year’s teacher know what sounds and sight words to review with students prior to starting formal SIPPS instruction next fall.

Last Passed Mastery Test

The Mastery Tests are the record of what students know at the end of the year.

For a complete picture of student learning, use the student’s last passed Mastery Test with the SIPPS Scope and Sequence (located in the Appendix). The scope and sequence will enable you to easily see the spelling-sounds and sight words the student has mastered up to and including the lesson of the last passed Mastery Test.

To prepare for the new school year, save the student’s last passed Mastery Test to help next year’s teacher identify the starting point of instruction.

A Note About Using the SIPPS K–3 and 4–12 Placement Assessments

The Placement Assessments are not designed to be pre- and post-tests. They are designed to quickly and efficiently assess what your students know and to place them in the appropriate level and lesson of the SIPPS program. The Mastery Tests are the record of what students know at the end of the year.

Watch for the 2021-2022 Beginning-of-Year Guidance document for additional support for your implementation and focus on 1) considerations for assessing and grouping students new to SIPPS and 2) considerations for students continuing with SIPPS instruction from the previous year.

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