SIPPS Success Story: Kindergarten

The E-mail

I collected the ability scores data from the students that you are working with. You have done an outstanding job! The goal was to increase at least 7 points from November to February. Your group of students averaged a 13-point increase. The district average for kindergarten students in this group had an increase of 8.5 points. The district average for all kindergarteners in the district was 8 points. Can’t wait to see the May scores!

The Decision

At the beginning of the school year, 26 Kindergarten students were identified as needing intensive intervention-knowing between 1 and 14 letter names. The students began working one-on-one and in small groups with our Kindergarten tutor.

The literacy coach and the tutor worked closely to analyze the data and create an intervention plan that would best meet the needs of the students. Using multiple forms of data, including a phonological awareness and phonics screener, allowed us to identify the exact strengths and needs of each child. Once the students were grouped by like ability, the hard work began.

The Work

Intensive intervention on letter name recognition and sounds and essential PA skill occurred every day. The students interacted with songs, games, books, and tons of smiles and motivation. Slowly, over time students were able to celebrate their success and their confidence grew.

By January, 20 of 26 students knew between 22 and 26 letter names and sounds. Those students transitioned to a more formal intervention, SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words).

Throughout the Kindergarten journey, students have been receiving core (Tier 1) instruction from their classroom teacher, adaptive intervention using the I-station computer program as well as the customized small-group time with our (amazing) Kindergarten tutor.

The Success

The success stems from lots of collaboration and the belief that ALL children can learn.

Ongoing progress monitoring, data based decision making and lots and lots of researched based reading instruction = AMAZING gains with our Kinders!

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