Summer + Games + Beach Balls = Fun!

By Megan Green | Categories: Uncategorized

What are you doing this summer?

Summer should be fun, engaging, active, and memorable. Let us help you have fun this summer with math games and reading.

Yes, I said math.

All of the AfterSchool KidzMath games and story guide activities are a great way to make summer fun and memorable while also supporting kids’ confidence, skills, and engagement with mathematics.

Here are a few ways to have a little summer fun. Honestly, I had a hard time choosing! This is just a taste-like that first sip of lemonade on a hot summer day.

  • Iconic Summer Games Who doesn’t want to play with marbles and beach balls this summer? Download Marble Mania (grades K–2) or Beach Ball Multiplier (grades 3–6).
  • Game Night (During the Day) Play KidzMath board games like Multiplication Baseball (grades 3–6) or Funny Bug (grades K–2) and serve popcorn!
  • Deal Me In! Play cards. Have fun playing Concentrate on Ten (grades K–2) or Target (grades 3–6).  
  • Math Clubs Make math fun in a club setting with active whole-group games like Hop Out for grades K–2 and Multiplication Basketball for grades 3–6.
  • What’s Cooking? Cooking is a great way to learn about measurement. You can also build on number sense by doubling or tripling recipes, depending on the size of your crew. Make lemonade after reading “Under the Lemon Moon” by Edith Hope Fine and download three great math-related activities in the KidzMath Story Guide.
  • Cross-age Buddies Let older kids learn the games and teach them to younger kids.
  • Look for Math Every Day Think about what you are already doing during the day and incorporate math: have kids figure out how many items you will need for snacktime to feed everyone, or figure out what is needed from the store and the total cost.
  • Celebrate! Have a math party and play Musical Chairs with Numbers (for grades K–2), The Leader Says (for grades K–2, see a video of it in action here), or Stick the Fraction on the Donkey (grades 3–6).

Have a great summer!