What I Appreciate About the CCC Curriculum Materials, from Teacher Kelly Ferrie

We asked several educators the question, “What do you appreciate about the CCC curriculum materials?” Kelly Ferrie, first-grade teacher at Spring Creek Charter School in Florida, shared her thinking with us below.

All of it! But to name a few things…

Making Meaning

  • The program offers alternative book suggestions, which you can use to reteach the comprehension strategies or go more in depth. This has been helpful as an ESE inclusion teacher, so I can plan more time with each strategy or do a remedial lesson during small-group instruction. Each grade level has a Comprehension Strategies Library.
  • Extension lessons are a great way to deepen the lesson if there is more time, or if you have a student you need to challenge. I have also used the extension activities as an independent literacy station or small group led by the teacher. Additionally, the extension activities provided me with assessment ideas for the reading strategies.
  • Making Meaning, Third Edition provides access to digital resources that support teachers in planning for instruction.

Being a Writer

  • Online embedded resources can be projected for all to see: for example, the whiteboard activities that go along with the Skill Practice Teaching Guide.
  • Assessment resource rubrics allow us to track student progress throughout the year.
  • We get support to create our own first-grade grading rubrics for assessment of narrative, expository, and opinion writing.
  • The program includes parent letters that can be sent home to assist parents in helping their children practice writing for each unit.


  • All of the correction procedures for each routine, to support student thinking when an error occurs, are really useful. I am constantly looking at these and still learning from them!
  • Reproducible stories for the Little Blue Books in Beginning Level and the Story Book in Extension Level let our students practice reading fluency at home.
  • Our students need the optional practice lists throughout the lessons for decoding words, especially when we get to word endings in Extension like -ed, -ing, -es, etc…

Please share what you appreciate about the CCC curriculum materials. We’d love to know what you think.