The Spirit of Giving – Inspiring Citizenship

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Students at Astatula Elementary School donated socks for a month in honor of Socktober. Socktober is a national effort inspired by Kid President to help the homeless in our area.

After viewing Kid President’s Socktober videos, which challenged students to bring in new socks to help men, women, and children in need, students and teachers began collecting. One student even brought in more than 60 pairs with the help of her family and friends!

This global community service project is just what we needed: students helping others, learning empathy, compassion, and the spirit of giving. Kids want to help and they feel empowered when they show kindness to others.

As educators, we need to teach students how to be readers, writers, and mathematicians, but more importantly, we need to teach students how to be good citizens who can change the world for the better! I am honored and so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this experience.

We collected more than 800 pairs of socks to help men, women and children in our area. That is more than the number of students in our ENTIRE school!

Here are some thoughts from some fourth-grade friends who shared:

What Socktober meant to them

Socktober is about putting someone else’s needs before your own. Just helping for the fun of it-not because you have to.


It is about inspiring others to help. If we help and share with others, maybe they will want to help too.


It makes me curious about how I can help in other areas-or other groups of people who may need help too.


As Kid President says, If we make today awesome for somebody else, today will be awesome for everybody!

I am curious, how are you encouraging students to help others?

Learn more about Socktober here.