Visiting Collaborative Classrooms

We all know how powerful it is to visit another teacher’s classroom. We also know that we can’t always visit as often as we might want to for our own development.

With the merging of DSC and Cornerstone Literacy into the Center for the Collaborative Classroom, we’ve launched a new digital resource that can get you into other classrooms anytime you have a few minutes at your computer or on your mobile device.

Inside the Collaborative Classroom brings together our most popular videos, articles, downloadable resources, webinars, and blog posts. These are the same tools we used to help develop the core principles of the Collaborative Classroom model, and we want to make them accessible to everyone.

We’re especially excited to offer many of our most requested videos from classrooms we’ve worked in and learned from over the years. While many of the teachers in these videos are using our programs, their practices are universal and applicable regardless of what curricula you use, and reflect the expectations of the new teacher evaluation frameworks used in many states.

You can choose your own path using core questions on the site, such as “How can I build upon students’ intrinsic motivation and engagement?” Or you can dig into all the resources by topic area, including conferring, reflection, student voice, and relationships, to name just a few. Feel free to have your school, district, or organization link to these resources as well.

So what interests you this spring? What would be helpful for you this summer as you prepare for the fall? We’d love your input as we continue to grow this site. Let us know!