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Welcome to a new school year!

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Starting a new school year always brings its fair share of excitement and anxiety. We are excited to meet our new students and reconnect with colleagues and friends, but we are also anxious to set up our classrooms and get ourselves organized and prepared for the first day of school. As you start the year and begin establishing your own Collaborative Classroom, we wanted to share some resources (from the General Resources section of the CCC Learning Hub) that will help you get started and answer many questions that might come up as you begin the year.

CCC Collaborative Literacy Implementation Guide

This resource is packed with information to help you implement multiple Collaborative Literacy programs. It includes an introduction to Collaborative Literacy, ways to coordinate instructional elements across programs, and sample calendars and schedules.

Online Courses

Our online courses (currently available for Making Meaning and Being a Writer) offer opportunities for teachers to get an overview of the curriculum and to learn techniques for effectively teaching the programs

Being a Writer and Making Meaning Facilitator’s Guides

These guides provide resources that can be used to facilitate staff development sessions that help guide teachers through the initial preparation needed to teach the programs. (Making Meaning Facilitator’s Guide available September 2016.)

Being a Writer and Making Meaning Planning Tools

These tools invite teams of teachers to reflect upon and share their classroom experiences as they plan and after they teach each unit. (Making Meaning Planning Tool available September 2016.)

These items are only available on the CCC Learning Hub. If you haven’t created an account already, log in to create an account, or start a trial for other CCC programs you may be interested in.

Additional Resources available:

  • We publish regular blog posts that focus on classroom practice and typically reflect the experiences of teachers in Collaborative Classrooms in the field.
  • The Being a Writer and Making Meaning webinar series offer opportunities to examine best practices in comprehension, vocabulary instruction, and writing.
  • We have a new blog series of Being a Reader Facilitation Tips to help support your implementationof our newest program. Keep checking back with that link, as we are adding new tips all the time.
  • Additional resources, including videos, articles, and other downloadable resources are available on Inside the Collaborative Classroom. Use these tools to help develop your own Collaborative Classrooms and deepen your practice.

We hope you have a great year!