Common Core Course: Planning Instructional Shifts

Are you prepared for the challenges presented by the Common Core State Standards? Help your teachers make powerful, strategic changes to their instructional practice by connecting learning about the Common Core to classroom instruction.

The Center’s Common Core Course: Planning Instructional Shifts is a professional development course that you can implement on your own or with our assistance. The course consists of a series of facilitator-led activities that guide teams of teachers through discussions, reflections, and evaluations to develop a deeper understanding of what is required for student success.

The course content is provided in a Facilitator’s Package and Participant’s Binder. Use the Facilitator’s Package to lead the course and one Participant’s Binder for each attending staff member. Choose either six 90- or twelve 45-minute sessions to cover the main course topics:

  • Common Core Portrait of College- and Career-ready Students
  • Common Core Portrait in Practice and Reading Anchor Standards
  • Collaborative Classrooms: The Impact of Social and Emotional Learning
  • Examining Shifts in Instruction Through Reading Standards
  • Lesson Planning: Addressing Multiple Standards
  • Putting It All Together: Instruction with Intention

Throughout the sessions, teachers will share, critique, and analyze lessons and teaching techniques that can help them shift their instruction, create a richer learning environment, and improve student engagement. Whether you opt to lead this course yourself or partner with us, you will benefit from our field-tested, proven model for leading rich discussions focused on instructional shifts and classroom dynamics designed to achieve the requirements of the Common Core.

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