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Printable Lesson Plans

How do i access and print lesson planes?   Do i need an access code to enter to get lessons  plans to print if your don't have a manuel? 

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I had a free trial initially but then my school, La Paloma Elementry in the FALLBROOK UNION ELEMENTARY DISTRICT purchased some of the materials the materials. How can I continue to access the online teacher manuals?

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Thanks for your question.

From the CCC Learning Hub home page, click on your name at top right and select Profile. On that page click Licenses, then the tab for SIPPS. Check the box in the right hand "Claim License" column, which will automatically un-check the box in the left hand, "Start Trial", column. Click Save and Exit when finished.

If you need any further support, please feel free to email support@collaborativeclassroom.org directly. They will be able to help you with anything else you need.

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Will there be any SIPPS trainings in the Sacramento area anytime soon?




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I believe our next SIPPS professional learning in Sacramento will take place in June. We do not yet have this event listed on our events page, but you can check here in the next few weeks and it should be updated: https://www.collaborativeclassroom.org/events

You can also contact Alice Burkart, your local education consultant in Sacramento, to learn more about upcoming SIPPS professional learning opportunities. She can be reached at 530-342-2918 or at aliceburkart@comcast.net.

Thanks for reaching out!