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request sample materials

I am the literacy instructional coach in our school district and we are in the process of looking at new materials/resources for our literacy block. A neighboring district (MOC) has been very satisfied with your reading programs. We are interested in looking at samples of Being a Reader, Being a Writer, and Making Meaning. If it is possible to take a look at these programs, please let me know.

 Thank you for your time,

Vicki Borchers

K-5 Literacy Instructional Coach

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Hello, and thanks for reaching out!

The fastest way to review all the instructional materials for the programs in the Collaborative Literacy suite (including Making Meaning, Being a Writer, and Being a Reader) is to create a free trial account on the CCC Learning Hub. Learn more about creating a free trial here

Alternatively, you can contact your local education consultant to request sample materials for the programs that best meet your district's current needs. You can find your local literacy consultant by visiting here. Or let us know what district you are in, and we can put you in touch directly with your local consultant

Let us know what other information you need! We look forward to speaking with you more.


Susan Hult

Director of Marketing

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I am previewing this program for my daughter who is living in Thailand and teaching her kindergarten daughter at hom this year. I discovered this program at the school I subbing in. What do you recommend ordering to teach one student beginning level reading?

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SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) Beginning would be appropriate for your granddaughter. However, our programs are designed for classroom use so you'd need to adapt the materials purchase so that you don't receive too many resources, we'd suggest:

SIPPS Teacher's Manual

Single set of hand-held cards

Reproducible Story book

You can also create a free trial to review the teacher materials. Learn more about creating a trial here.

Good luck!