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sequence of units

I first want to say that I love using Making Meaning in my classroom and I believe in the process.  A recent decision made by several teachers at my school has caused some major upset and what we feel is unnecessary discord.  In thinking of upcoming state testing, it was important to us to think about the NEEDS of the students.  Their exposure to the ideas and strategies presented in Unit 8 of the third grade program was undeniably apparent to us.  We knew we would not get there unless we skipped over Unit 7.  We have taught true to the curriculum and had completed Unit 6 in its entirety.  Because Unit 7 was more of an already taught strategy and was using a genre that we felt out students had a grasp on and naturally applied the questioning strategy…we moved to 8.  Now there is a questioning of our teaching practices.  I just wanted to hear from you, as the creators, trainers, experts…was that really a terrible move?  We have all intentions of coming back to Unit 7 and teaching it with the attention that we believe it deserves.  Thank you in advance.

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Thank you so much for reaching out! We love that you love Making Meaning. I've forwarded your question on to one of our developers, and I should have an answer for you soon. In the meantime, what grade are you teaching? And which edition of the program are you using?

Thanks! We'll be getting back to you soon!

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I think you made a very smart teaching decision.  Our stance has always been that teachers know the most about their students and need to make instructional decisions accordingly. The decision about how fast to move through units, which lessons to skip, and what to move around very much needs to fit into the context you are working in.  It sounds to me like you are doing the program with integrity which is much more important than doing it with fidelity. The decision you made based on the information you provided seems very smart.