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SIPPS Training

How does one get training?  How much does it cost?

Christine (not verified)
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You can contact your sales rep here: http://www.devstu.org/find-a-rep

Your sales rep can coordinate training with our professional development department.  This is the best first step in discussing professional development for SIPPS.  Thanks!

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HI!  Just to follow up on Christine's comment  with a little more information-


Below is a link to the SIPPS section of our website:


You will be able to find out more information about our trainings and the services we may be able to offer you and your staff.  We offer training at a daily cost of $2600.

If you really just want more information, or perhaps a small informal training, I would recommend contacting your local sales representative.  They may help you think of different options suited to your specific needs.  You cn find your local rep by searching here:


 I hope this helps.