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"Who's Doing the Talking and Thinking" Presentation

Great to see so many of you at ASCD in San Francisco last Sunday. I appreciated all of your participation and insights.

Presentation PDF

I'm posting the presentation below as many of you requested.


You can access the Solar Roadways Video by clicking here.

As for the videos of the writing and comprehension lessons, we will be sending those through snail mail for those who requested them.  Please feel free to share the videos or information in the presentation. We just ask that you cite DSC when sharing.

Thanks again for joining us and I hope our paths cross again.

Best wishes,

ASCD 2011 final.pdf6.16 MB
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Additionally, Ginger asked that we make available sample lessons from the presentation. The comprehension lesson (grade 6) is here, and the writing lesson (grade 1) is here.

Other grade-level sample lessons from these programs are also available. Click here to see the comprehension lessons for grades K-8, and here to see the writing lessons for grades K-6.