What’s Included

Each grade-level library contains 240 titles organized into collections of 10 books according to genre (fiction or nonfiction) and readability. At each grade, teachers have the option of purchasing individual collections of 10 titles, sets of 60 titles, or the entire library of 240 titles. This modular organization can help teachers augment their current collection to meet student needs.

Info by Grade Level

Select a grade to download a list of titles and reading levels:

IDR lists are updated monthly.

Individual library titles may be replaced due to availability issues beyond our control.

  • IDR Support Kits: Available for grades K–8, the support kits are designed to help educators implement an effective IDR program. The kit includes ready-to-use tips, tools, and discussion that help teachers.
  • Library on wheels cart: Made of 1" steel tubing, this sturdy frame includes nine large divided book tubs, locking casters, and adhesive label holders for tubs.
  • AfterSchool KidzLibraries: Available for grades K–8, each grade has 12 ten-book collections that are organized by grade level and readability, enabling leaders to ensure that they have "just-right" fiction and nonfiction for kids at a range of reading levels for independent reading. Each collection also includes the Independent Reading Time Handbook.