What’s Included

Materials in the Making Meaning program are provided in grade-level packages—one for each classroom.

The third edition of the program consists of a Teacher’s Manual, a Digital Teacher’s Set, access to the CCC Learning Hub and CCC ClassView assessment app, professional development media, digital resources, 11–29 authentic children’s books, a Vocabulary Teaching Guide, Student Response Books (grades 1–6), an Assessment Resource Book, a Reading Assessment Preparation Guide (grades 3–6), picture cards (grades K–1), word cards (grades K–2), a pocket chart (grades K–2), new lessons to support the Common Core, and parent letters in Spanish and English.

Available components:

Making Meaning Classroom Package

Classroom Packages

Each grade-level classroom package contains all program materials for a typical classroom, including access to all program-related digital resources on the CCC Learning Hub.
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Making Meaning Teacher’s Package

Teacher’s Packages

Each grade-level teacher’s package contains all program materials, not including trade books, for a typical classroom.
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Making Meaning Teacher’s Manual

Teacher’s Manuals

Each grade-level Teacher’s Manual provides a detailed scope and sequence for teaching reading comprehension. Facilitation tips and links to professional development media throughout provide implementation support. The daily lessons revolve around clearly defined teaching objectives.
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Making Meaning Trade Book Set

Trade Book Sets

Each grade-level trade book set contains carefully selected, authentic children’s literature for use as read-alouds, correlated to lessons in the program.
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Making Meaning Vocabulary Teaching Guides

Vocabulary Teaching Guides

Each grade-level Vocabulary Teaching Guide contains weekly lessons that build students’ vocabularies by teaching words taken directly from the children’s literature used in the Making Meaning program.
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Making Meaning Student Response Book

Student Response Books

Each grade-level Student Response Book (one for each student at grades 1–6) coordinates with specific lessons and provides students with selected read-aloud texts and excerpts, writing activities, a reading journal, and a reading log. Consumable.
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Making Meaning Reading Assessment Preparation Guide

Reading Assessment Preparation Guides

Each grade-level Reading Assessment Preparation Guide (grades 3–6) supports teacher-led practice with student interaction and feedback. Covering both informational text and literature, these guides introduce the types of reading and response-to-reading tasks students will encounter in the Common Core and other state summative assessments.
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Making Meaning Assessment Resource Books

Assessment Resource Books

Each grade-level Assessment Resource Book (grades 1–6) provides resources teachers need to make informed instructional decisions and track students’ reading comprehension and social development over time. Consumable.
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Making Meaning Picture Cards

Picture Cards

Provided in grades K and 1, picture cards assist with vocabulary and word work. These include one picture for each vocabulary word introduced. The picture provides context for the meaning of the word.
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Making Meaning Word Cards

Word Cards

Provided in grades K–2, word cards assist with vocabulary and word work. These include one card for each vocabulary word introduced.
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Making Meaning Pocket Chart

Pocket Chart

Provided in grades K–2, the pocket chart helps you easily display picture cards and word cards during the lesson.
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Digital components (available as part of the Classroom Package only):

iPad displaying Being a Writer Digital Teacher's Set

Digital Teacher’s Set

The Digital Teacher’s Set is a collection of digital versions of the following printed teacher’s materials: Teacher’s Manual, Vocabulary Teaching Guide, Assessment Resource Book, and Reading Assessment Preparation Guide (grades 3–6). It offers embedded professional development video clips and includes direct links to lesson-specific whiteboard activities, the CCC Learning Hub, and the CCC ClassView app.

iPad displaying Being a Writer ClassView Assessment App

CCC ClassView Assessment App

Provided for easy recording and organization of assessment results, the CCC ClassView app captures student and class data, stores and presents data, and supports assessment to inform instruction.

laptop displaying the CCC Learning Hub

CCC Learning Hub

The CCC Learning Hub is an online repository of resources that support teacher preparation and delivery of instruction. Resources and materials include interactive whiteboard activities, assessment forms, reproducibles, and professional development media.

laptop displaying Online Professional Development Technology Tutorial web page

Online Professional Development Technology Tutorials

Found on the CCC Learning Hub, these technology tutorials support the integration of technology elements into program implementation.

Being a Writer whiteboard activity

Interactive Whiteboard Activities

The program includes activities to use with an interactive whiteboard, or to print and display using a projection device.

Recommended Libraries for Read-alouds and Independent Reading

Comprehension Strategies Libraries provide alternatives to the program’s read-aloud texts to support instruction when a teacher wishes to repeat a week of instruction or select an alternate book to teach the comprehension focus of the week.

IDR Libraries provide students with access to high-quality, high-interest collections of books at their level to facilitate independent daily reading and instill an appreciation for quality literature. IDR Libraries can be used to build a classroom library or supplement an existing collection.

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Supplemental Word Lists and Crossword Puzzles

Give students fun and engaging activities that provide additional practice and help them learn about homophones, onomatopoeia, puns, and Greek and Latin roots.