What’s Taught

Making Meaning lessons integrate instruction and practice in reading comprehension strategies and vocabulary with activities that foster students’ social, emotional, and ethical development. Teachers use read-aloud trade books, articles, and selections for discussions, cooperative structures, guided practice, and Individualized Daily Reading (IDR) to create a supportive community of readers. The Teacher’s Manual and Vocabulary Teaching Guide both provide 30 weeks of instruction. The detailed, easy-to-follow lesson plans support best teacher practice so that every student learns to be an effective reader and educators continue to refine their facilitation of the learning process.

The comprehension strategies and social skills, introduced where developmentally appropriate, are carefully sequenced to strengthen learning. Social skills are integrated throughout the curriculum and are taught through partner work and cooperative structures. Across every year of the program, students think about and act on five core values: responsibility, respect, caring, fairness, and helpfulness. The chart below details in which grades each comprehension strategy is taught.

Comprehension Strategies

Building Stamina for Individualized Daily Reading

The chart below provides an overview of the reading times (shown by number of minutes) recommended for IDR for each grade and unit in Making Meaning. The chart shows how stamina for independent reading builds both within and across grades.