Cooperative Strategies

The Making Meaning program helps students and teachers become a supportive community of readers. Program lessons use the following cooperative structures to teach and support positive social development:

  • Turn to Your Partner
    Students turn to a partner sitting next to them to discuss an issue or question. The teacher decides whether to call on a few pairs to share and discuss their thinking with the class.
  • Think, Pair, Share
    Students think individually about a question or issue and then discuss their thoughts with a partner. Pairs may report their thinking to another pair or to the class.
  • Group Brainstorming
    Groups of four list as many ideas as they can about a question or topic as a group member records.
  • Heads Together
    Groups of four students discuss a question or issue among themselves. The teacher then decides if a few groups will share their thinking with the class.
  • Think, Pair, Write
    Students think for a few minutes individually before talking with a partner. They then write their ideas down. They may share their writing with another pair or with the class.

Regular class meetings are another forum for developing social values.