AfterSchool KidzScience Sunlight Science Kit, Grades 3–5

Children discover visible and invisible parts of sunlight by doing engaging activities to investigate infrared light, visible light, and ultraviolet light.
1 AfterSchool KidzScience Overview
1 Sunlight Science Handbook
4 session guides
16 question cards
1 "Rainbow Drawing"
1 bag of "Session 1 Station Signs"
1 bag of "Session 2 Station Signs"
20 "Colors in the Sunlight" sheets*
1 bag of "Session 1 Scale Models"
1 bag of "Session 4 Test Materials"*
1 box of large paper clips
1 dish tub
2 thermometers
3 black paper mitts
3 plastic cups
3 spray bottles
3 white paper mitts
4 blank CDs
4 white-light splitters*
6 small mirrors
8 boxes of crayons
10 UV-resistant bags, each containing 6 UV beads**
20 extra UV beads
40 sheets of white paper*
40 squares of Sunprint paper in a UV-resistant bag*

*Replacement available in the refill kit.
**Partial replacement included in the refill kit.
The Lawrence Hall of Science
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AfterSchool KidzScience Sunlight Science Kit, Grades 3–5 KS-SS $225.00

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