AfterSchool KidzLibrary, Grade 1, On-level Fiction, Set A2

Item Number: ASL2-F1-OL-SA2 | ISBN: 978-1-68246-154-9

Give children access to authentic children’s literature with this set of 15 on-grade-level fiction titles that can be used to round out your library, support independent reading time, and help kids develop a love of reading. Two sets (A1 and A2) are available for purchase.


Title Author
Alicia Has a Bad Day Lisa Jahn-Clough
Bella’s Boat Surprise Christianne C. Jones
A Dark Dark Tale Ruth Brown
Digger and Daisy Go to the Zoo Judy Young
Do Like Kyla Angela Johnson
Gus Olivier Dunrea
Lost! David McPhail
Mothers Are Like That Carol Carrick
A New Home Tim Bowers
Nina, Nina and the Copycat Ballerina Jane O’Connor
Pedro’s Mystery Club Fran Manushkin
Penny and Her Marble Kevin Henkes
Scaredy Squirrel Mélanie Watt
The Tricky Tooth Fran Manushkin
Truck Stuck Sallie Wolf