AfterSchool KidzScience Crime Lab Science Refill Kit

Item Number: KS-FSR-S1 | ISBN: 978-1-61003-131-8

Contains replacement items for materials that may get used up, lost, or broken during the course of the Crime Lab Science sessions.


1 bag of baking soda
1 bag of “Dinah’s threads”
1 bag of “Puck’s threads”
1 bag of “Stu’s threads”
1 blank sheet of chart paper
1 pack of self-stick notes
1 sealed envelope containing the crime scene note
1 vial of pH paper
2 “Crime Scene Map Example” sheets
2 bags of “Crime scene threads”
4 sheets of blue paper with labels
4 sheets of brown paper with labels
5 rolls of clear tape
6 raffle tickets
10 aluminum pans
12 “Investigating Evidence” sheets
12 “Investigating More Evidence” sheets
12 “Who Wrote the Note?” sheets
13 “Crime Scene Map” sheets
20 “Note” test strips
20 “Pen 1” test strips
20 “Pen 2” test strips
20 “Pen 3” test strips
20 “Stained paper towel” test strips
75 wooden stir sticks