AfterSchool KidzScience Food from Plants Refill Kit

Item Number: KS-GSR-S2 | ISBN: 978-1-59892-959-1

Contains replacement items for materials that may get used up, lost, or broken during the course of the Food from Plants sessions.

Both the Food from Plants kit and the Food from Plants Refill Kit contain foods. All foods included are vegetarian, peanut-free, and have a shelf life of at least one year. Be sure to order the kits near the time you plan to use them to avoid problems with perishable foods.


1 box of raisins
1 can of water chestnuts
1 jar of pickles
1 squeeze bottle of jelly
1 bag of dried pineapple
2 boxes of matzos
2 cans of chick peas
3 pairs of plastic gloves
5 plastic spoons
6 sheets of 8½” x 11″ white paper
10 “Our Garden Map” sheets
10 packets of crushed red pepper
10 small plastic cups
10 sticker sheets
12 resealable plastic bags
12 wooden stir sticks
20 packets of black pepper
20 packets of ketchup
20 packets of salt
40 toothpicks
50 paper plates