Being a Reader Small-Group Reading Sets Classroom Package, Grade K

Item Number: BR2-SGR-CPK | ISBN: 978-1-64940-430-5

Being a Reader Small-Group Reading Sets provides targeted small-group instruction that supplements the phonics and foundational skills and language comprehension instruction, in any whole-class reading program.


•Small-Group Reading Sets 1–4 (each set includes a Teacher’s Manual and 6 copies each of 47 decodable texts)
•Implementation Handbook
•The Learning Letter Names program: print and digital resources and manipulatives for teaching letter recognition
•Grade K Alphabet Wall Cards
•High-Frequency Word Cards (2 decks)
•Sound Cards
•Spelling-Sound Chart
•7 years of access to digital resources on the Learning Portal
•Student-facing texts available digitally through the BookRoom! app


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