IDR, Grade 1, Easy Nonfiction, Set 1

Item Number: IDR2-NF1-E-S1 | ISBN: 978-1-61003-983-3

Support struggling readers with 15 below-grade-level nonfiction titles that invite and encourage students to read, support their independent practice, and help them develop a love of reading. Set one of two.


Title Author
Animals That Fly Pearl Markovics
Baseball Tessa Kenan
Changing Water Katie Peters
Counting Douglas Bender
Fish Cari Meister
I Read Signs Tana Hoban
Journey through a Desert K.C. Kelley
Ladybugs Cheryl Coughlan
Lend a Hand Around Town Czeena Devera
Let’s Learn Shapes Anna C. Peterson
Let’s Look at Beans Katie Peters
Monkeys Kate Riggs
My Aunt is a Firefighter Sommer Conway
Turtles Cari Meister
Water Is Everywhere! Marla Conn

Book titles subject to change