IDR, Grade 5, Challenging Nonfiction, Set 1

Item Number: IDR2-NF5-C-S1 | ISBN: 978-1-68246-069-6

Help students find and engage with increasingly complex texts. Build out your classroom library with 15 above-grade-level nonfiction titles and give students practice with books appropriate for their level. Support a lifelong love of reading with authentic children’s literature. Set one of two.


Title Author
25 Women Who Ruled Rebecca J. Stanborough
Animal Cells Mason Anders
Candy Bomber Michael O. Tunnell
Climate Change Eco Facts Izzi Howell
Cuthbert Grant Carole Lindstrom
Dragons Erin Peabody
From Fugitive to Freedom Steven Otfinoski
Malala Yousafzai Claire Throp
Managing Water Richard Spilsbury
Mesopotamia Jane Shuter
Rays Melissa Gish
Rewilding Jane Drake and Ann Love
Shark Life Peter Benchley
Spotted Tail David Heska Wanbli Weiden
The Story of Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Jim Haskins & Kathleen Benson

Book titles subject to change